Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween has always been one of my very favorite holidays. This year was especially fun because of the boys. Holidays are so much better when you have kids. It felt like it was Halloween for about a week and a half :) and that was fine with me.. Our first Halloween Party was at our old neighbors house ( pictures from that fun day are in my last post.) The week before Halloween my sister hosted a Halloween party for all of the kids. She had neighbors, family, and friends. We decorated pumpkins and the kids got to listen to spooky stories and eat treats in their costumes. On the 30th we went to a ward party with my Mother-in-law, DeeAnn. Titan and Linkin had a blast eating candy, seeing all of the costumes, playing games, and Linkin even did the cake walk! When the music came on he would dance and laugh. He loved the Halloween music they had on. After the ward party, DeeAnn had all of the grand kids over for chili and trick-or-treating. Titan was the perfect age for trick-or-treating this year!! He ran as fast as he could house to house. He was so cute to watch this year! After about 3 houses Titan was really excited and realized that EVERY house he went up to would give him candy.. he ran down the drive way and said "This is AMAZING!!!" and lifted his candy bag up in the air. That sweet image of him will always stay in my special memories! I love watching the boys have fun!
The next night we went to my sister's house and carved pumpkins for Halloween night!!
It was a great year!! Here are some pictures of our Halloween Festivities!!

My little skeleton Linkin

Mom and Linkin

Carving Pumpkins at Lindsey's house

My neice, Anniece's first Halloween

Daddy and Linkin

Trick-Or-Treat!! It's Titan and Bridger!!

Power Ranger Titan


some of the Thaxton Family.. Happy Halloween!!!

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